I’m thrilled to announce that Casa Smith Designs is a finalist again for HGTV’s Ultimate Outdoor Awards, this time in the ‘Outdoor Oasis’ category!

(We were a 2017 HGTV People’s Pick award winner.)

Our featured project this year is “Gorgeous Backyard Gathering Space” (Also known as “An Enchanted Evening”).

It’s easy to imagine spending an enchanted evening in the garden with your friends. You can choose just the right “room” to fit the size of your soiree, and each “room” has a terrific view which leads into the next one!

Please vote for “Gorgeous Backyard Gathering Space” – once each day from all your devices – from now until April 17.

Thanks for reading this message and for voting!

With gratitude,

Catherine E Smith
Owner/Principal Designer
Casa Smith Designs, LLC